Thursday, 30 December 2010

So Long Roy, Bring on Change

Fans and Critics alike are ready for Roy Hodgson to exit the Liverpool Drivers Seat

by Rhydon Atzenhoffer
December 30, 2010

Roy Hodgson is the odds on favorite to be the new manager sacked in the English Premier League. After six months of up and down under the former Fulham boss it is becoming apparent that he is more than likely not the man for the job. Yesterday's shock loss to Wolverhampton as Anfield has dashed any chance I believe the former Inter tactician has of holding onto his job.

The results are simply not there, and after already having been called out for having poor results by new owner John W. Henry in the early part of the month I truly cannot see Roy lasting the rest of the reason. A team with Liverpool's talent should not be performing at such a low level, if this level is considered performing at all.

At his latest press conference Hodgson criticized the Anfield fans for failing to back their team, and to support him, but honestly what has he delivered to merit such a complaint. He has delivered mediocre signings, and mediocre results from a team that despite the losses of Javier Mascherano, and Xabi Alonso over the last two seasons, has a boat load of talent. Injuries cannot even be too much to blame as Rafa always had injuries his last season and still finished seventh. Sitting a dismal 12th and calling the fans to the blame is shameful.

I foresee a move in the next few weeks to replace Hodgson, and with that I end my frustrated rant before I cause any more mental hurt to my own self, for I am still recovering from such a pitiful display yesterday.

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