Thursday, 3 February 2011

16 Minutes and Suarez erases Torres

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Luis Suarez Erases Doubt in 16 Minutes as Fernando Torres proves a Distant Memory

by Rhydon Atzenhoffer
February 3, 2011 Suarez Scores in Debut
Liverpool's £23 Million signing started from the Bench while Kenny Dalglish's line-up had six players from Liverpool's usual back line, in what had everyone guessing if it was 5-3-2 or 4-1-3-2 or what it could be, on the pitch. The End result would be a 2-0 Liverpool victory that further puts a stamp on the new owners intent to take the club forward and win.

The moral of that story has to be, do not question the King, as he tailored a side to deal with Stoke to a T. The Big men took care of Stoke's John Carew, while the attacking minded defenders had the chance to take it to the flanks.

Suarez was cleared to play but it was uncertain whether or not he would see playing time. But knowing Kenny as a former attacking player, and with his boyish passion still apparent and intact, everyone expected he would give his newest attacker a run out. And run out he did.

Suarez took to the pitch with determination, and this weeks comments from his former Ajax boss claiming he was a, "Street fighter," were correct as the South American took the attack to Stoke. Two minutes in, and one of his runs was enough of a menace to assist in Abdoulaye Faye pulling a hamstring and requiring a sub.

His brilliance continued to shine as you could tell he was thirsting for the opportunity to strike. He even caught Reds defender Martin Skrtel off guard with a back heel that should have most likely been finished for a goal by an attacker had it fallen to them, but the Slovakian was unprepared for the layoff by his new team mate.

Only moments later Suarez would get his chance, and rounding the keeper he let loose his first shot on goal. Stoke defender Andy Wilkinson tried to clear it off the line but only redirected the shot that was already goal bound. With his trademark smile and a sprint around the back of the goal Suarez started up his Anfield career with a bang, as he continues to look at exploiting the goals as he did at Ajax.

The debate during the week about whether he could fill the boots of Fernando Torres were answered as he scored in the exact amount of time as it took Torres when he made his Reds bow back in 2007. With Andy Carroll still recovering, but vowing to bring the goals and attack for the Reds, it looks more apparent that Liverpool truly got the best end of the bargain.

Suarez and Carroll's youth and desire to win have brought a welcomed renewal to the hopes of the Kopites, and this looks to be a very bright new beginning for the Reds whom are now eying up a run in that could prove one for the ages if Kenny keeps his boys at this level.

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