Wednesday, 9 February 2011

King Kenny for Permanent Boss

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Liverpool Players of Today, and Yesteryear all back Kenny Dalglish to be handed the Reigns Permanently at Anfield.

by Rhydon Atzenhoffer
February 9, 2011

Classic Arms Raised in Celebration
Since the Return of the King(Kenny Dalglish) Liverpool have been on a role. It took a loss and a draw for the Scottish leader to get his side figured out and has now lead them to four straight victories and 13 points out of a possible 15 in the league. This boost of performance has seen the Reds to sixth place in the table only six points down to Tottenham and Chelsea, whom the Reds defeated in a tactical masterpiece on Sunday afternoon.

Jamie Carragher has been Dalglish's prime supporter as the Reds vice-captain helps lead a surge of support to get the former Liverpool legend re-installed as the permanent Gaffer at the club. Carragher has made multiple comments regarding his icon, stating, “He’s brought the club together as one. The supporters are now behind everything, and I think that helped, the players and the supporters are all together."

“...I think Kenny coming in has galvanized the support behind the team again, and obviously his record as a manager in the past is fantastic. He’s one of the top managers around, he’s won four championships."

“It’s hard to put your finger on what he’s done. I would never criticize Roy Hodgson or say this manager is doing something different or is better, that is disrespectful. But it’s going well at the moment and we will certainly enjoy it.”

Carra and Kuyt Praise Dalglish

Steven Gerrard has also been a key supporter of the move for Dalglish to stay, and other players like Daniel Agger seem to finally have decided that Anfield is the place for them after reports a week ago that Agger was delighted to play for Kenny and that he desired to stay on Merseyside under the new skipper.

Dirk Kuyt is the latest first team star to come out and publicly back his manager in the press with his statements. The dutch striker spoke out saying, "He(Dalglish) is a legend, not only for the supporters, but also for the players. He has helped me a lot."

"We are really happy with Kenny so far. It has been really positive for us from the first day he came and he gave us a lot of belief."

"He said we were all quality players and that he was there to help us and that is really true."

"It has worked out very well with him and (new first-team coach) Steve Clarke and everything looks much better."

Former Liverpool greats Robbie Fowler and Jaime Redknapp also are joining in on the praise that is being heaped on the man that brought both of them through to Reds stardom. Fowler stated, "Kenny has a ­presence about him players respond to, and you can see that clearly over the past few weeks because the results couldn’t have been more impressive."

Dalglish made Fowler a Legend
"(Fernando) Torres leaving could have been a real problem but he has handled it decisively, and I don’t think there can be one complaint about his ­decisions – and that alone shows he is up to the task of taking the club forward."

Redkanpp added, "Kenny’s been a breath of fresh air. You can see he’s got Liverpool playing in a exciting way again, and it looks as though they are enjoying the changes he has made.

Another former great, John Aldridge, also got in on the comments in regards to the January transfer window, “The transfer window was very shrewd business by Kenny. He sold a player who didn’t want to play for the club any more and brought in one of the best up-and-coming strikers in the country."

Lastly Ian Rush and Steve McManaman got their shouts in for their former boss and friend. Rushie stated, "Kenny has shown exactly what he is made of, and just how much knowledge he has about the modern game."

Mcmanaman Honors his Former Boss

McManaman added, "I don’t see why not,” he said. “If Liverpool can take this four-game run to ten they could ­challenge." In regards to the debate over whether or not Liverpool have a chance of overtaking Chelsea and Tottenham and taking the fourth Champions League spot.

It is apparent that the King has many knights in his court lining up to join his round table in honor of his permanent appointment.

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