Friday, 20 May 2011

Aquilani Could Return as a Red or Go Another Way If Juventus Comtinue to Stall

(Bleacher Report) Aquilani was supposed to be the £20million hero under Rafael Benitez in his final season as Liverpool's manager. However, a season that was ripe with injury, despite several masterful showings did not do enough to prove to short term manager Roy Hodgson that he was worthy of keeping.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

During his last pre-match press conference aired on, Kenny Dalglish made the following statements about Aquilani:

"There's a distinct possibility he could be back here. He's a quality player. He got off to a bad start here with his injuries and never really got going after missing pre-season."

"He went out on loan and has done very well over there."

"If he was to come back here, for me that would be like a new face coming in. I don't know of any deadline, I wasn't privy to the conversations that were had."

These comments hint the the Italian may still have a chance to make a difference at Anfield as he still has three years left on the five-year contract he signed under Benitez.

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