Saturday, 13 August 2011

Seriously Wenger I Dont Know Who Is Worse, You or Your Captain and His Sidekick

I cant take it in London anymore, Just let me Fly Emirates right out of here.
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(Bleacher Report)Day by day the impending departures of both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri from Arsenal get more and more tiring to read about and deal with. In most cases I just want to stop looking at anything with their names on it.

However, it has almost that factor or annoyance that it is just so ridiculous that it is still happening that we go ahead and look anyway.

Once again today it appears that despite some headway on either sides having been made, Arsene Wenger says that he does not expect anyone to leave. I mean really, just let it go already. Get your massive cash injection, fill your gaping defensive and goal keeping issues with quality and add another midfielder and striker and call it a day.

I would have taken the Fabregas deal last year, and it is a must to take it this season as you could tell he was only going at 90 percent all of last season because he wants to leave. It is not good for the team to have a captain begging to leave.

Anyway, the current figures still stand with the Gunners wanting at least £35 million for Fabregas and £22 million for Nasri. City Boss Roberto Mancini is becoming more frustrated with his pursuit of Nasri and if Wenger is not careful he could push the deal away and end up loosing out on any fee for the Frenchman if he moves for free next summer.

Likewise it appears that the Barcelona players expect the deal for Fabregas is already done as reports that Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique have both extended welcome home messages via twitter.

Whatever the case I look forward to these deals being sorted and done with as soon as possible.

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